Buryi E.V.
Pulsed laser location:
physical and informational basis of new opportunities

Published by: Nauka Publishers
ISBN: 978-5-02-040772-5
Year: 2020
Pages: 431
Language: russian

The monograph explores methods of obtaining information about the geometry of objects' surfaces based on pulsed laser location data and a combination of known physical principles of assessment of the parameters of the scattered laser radiation field and modern ways of processing this data. It is shown that such information is available even in cases where the surface of the object is not distinguishable by optical means of observation: the geometry of the surface of the object and its orientation in space can be established, groups of objects are recognized; provided their visualization. The effectiveness of most methods is confirmed by the results of the experiments.

For a wide range of specialists working in the fields of information systems, the application of neural network technologies, the design of optical-electronic devices, as well as for graduate students and students studying in the relevant specialties.