Small-size high power wide temperature range PSU


Device is used for industrial electronics powering. Power supply ensures voltage transforming of primary power network 220V of changing current (or 300V of constant current) in stabilized output constant voltage. Output supplier power is 600W. It has external cooling.

Used schematics provides power supply operation with pulse-periodic loading. Required power supply mode provided even when used current rises shortly in 10 times relatively nominal.

Power supply has protection circuit, which saves from output short circuit. Remote activation by logic signal is foreseen. Also there is a possibility of transformer clock rate and external signal synchronizing for electromagnetic compatibility.



Primary power source 220 V, 50…60 Hz
300 V, DC
Output power, W 600
Output voltage, V 12 24 36
Efficiency factor 0,90 0,93 0,92
Pulsation amplitude, not more than, mV 50
Overall dimensions, mm3 166х22х100